Vaccine Objection (Conscientious Objection) Data (AIR)

This page contains Vaccine Objection (Conscientious Objection) Data (AIR).

Page last updated: 27 October 2017

Until 31 December 2015 for a formal objection to be accepted into the AIR against a child’s record, a conscientious objection form must be lodged and signed by both a recognised immunisation provider and a parent or guardian. An immunisation provider must declare that the risks and benefits associated with immunisation have been explained to the parent or guardian, and that the potential dangers of a child not being immunised have also been explained.

Since 1 January 2016, only families who fully immunise their children, are on a recognised immunisation catch up schedule or have an approved medical exemption can receive family assistance payments linked to immunisation status such as childcare assistance and Family Tax Benefit Part A Supplement. Conscientious objection has been removed as a valid reason for a vaccination exemption. From 1 January 2016, historical conscientious objection data only has been published on this page. For further information refer to the Department of Human Services website.

Note: The conscientious objection data on the Immunise Australia website relates to all children registered in AIR (0-seven years old) at a point in time. Conscientious objection data contained in the NHPA Healthy Communities: Immunisation rates for children, report refer only to the children aged one, two or five years.