Medically at risk

Page last updated: 28 October 2015

Some people may need additional immunisation to protect themselves and other people they come into contact with. These people may have reduced immunity due to disease or treatment.

The National Immunisation Program funds the following vaccines for people that are classified as medically at risk:

Influenza (flu)

Influenza vaccine is free to people six months and over who:

  • have heart disease; or
  • have lung disease or asthma; or
  • have another chronic illness, including diabetes and renal failure; or
  • have chronic neurological condition, including multiple sclerosis and seizure disorders; or
  • have an immune compromising condition, including HIV infection; or
  • are aged five to 10 years and are receiving long-term aspirin therapy or are pregnant

Invasive pneumococcal disease:

Pneumococcal vaccine is free to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 15 years but less than 50 years who:

  • have heart disease; or
  • have kidney disease; or
  • have lung disease or asthma; or
  • have diabetes; or
  • have an immune compromising condition; or
  • in the opinion of a medical practitioner, consumes alcohol excessively or smokes tobacco.

Getting the vaccine

To receive vaccinations, visit your local doctor or immunisation provider. It is important to note that while the vaccine is free, a consultation fee may apply.

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