Review of the management of adverse events associated with Panvax and Fluvax

Appendix II - People interviewed

Page last updated: April 2015

    • Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation
        • Professor Terry Nolan - Chair
    • Consumers Health Forum
        • Ms Carol Bennett – Chief Executive Officer
        • Ms Anna Wise – Senior Policy Manager
    • CSL Limited
        • Dr Darryl Maher - Senior Director Medical and Research
        • Dr Michael Greenberg - Director Vaccines Clinical Development
        • Dr Marli Watt - Head of Clinical Risk Management
        • Dr Andrew Cooper - Pharmacovigilance Manager
    • Department of Health and Ageing
        • Professor Jim Bishop – Chief Medical Officer
    • National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance
        • Professor Peter McIntyre - Director
    • Therapeutic Goods Administration
        • Dr Rohan Hammet - National Manager
        • Dr Ruth Lopert - Principal Medical Advisor,
        • Dr Jane Cook - Medical Officer, Monitoring and Compliance Group
        • Dr Grahame Dickson - Medical Officer, Market Authorisation Group
        • Dr Peter Bird - Assistant Secretary, Office of Laboratories and Scientific Services
    • University of Melbourne, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
        • Professor Peter Doherty, Chair, TGA Expert Panel on Vaccine Testing
    • Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory
        • Dr Heath Kelly, Head, Epidemiology Unit
    • Western Australian Department of Health
        • Professor Bryant Stokes
        • Dr Tarun Weeramanthri

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